15 Facts About Affiliate Marketing You Should Know

Every year many people wonder if the affiliate marketing industry is alive or not and If it’s still possible to work from home by running an affiliate marketing website.

All legitimate questions…

Although affiliate marketing has existed in one form or another since around 1989. The proper usable affiliate program for a wide market started in 1996 with the launch of Amazon’s Associate program. One of the largest affiliate programs that still exist today.

There are a lot of misconceptions about affiliate marketing. They existed when I started my affiliate business and it will continue to exist when you are starting your affiliate business today.

I want to give you 15 facts about affiliate marketing you should know.

So Here Are The 15 Facts About Affiliate Marketing

1. The affiliate marketing industry has only grown from year to year since its inception. Just in the USA, This number came to 5.94 billion in 2018, 6.40 billion in 2019. With the current trend, the market for affiliate marketing is on an upward trajectory well into the future.
(source: Web market support)

2. Almost every brand we know and love embrace and use affiliate marketing to increase traffic and sales. This number came up to 81% of brands in the USA in the year 2016. That’s a hella lot of brands.
(source: Mediakix)

3. Only 9% of all affiliate marketers made over $50,000 in a year in 2016. Showing that with the low entry barrier to the industry, only a handful of marketers make affiliate marketing their full-time income.
(source: Viglink)

4. Although a lot of affiliates don’t end up at the top, those with drive do and one of the best affiliate marketers of our time, Pat Flynn has over $150,000 in net earnings for just December 2017. And he’s just one of many who has reached these figures.
(source: Smart passive income)

5. Organic search traffic that you can acquire for free by posting helpful, relevant content to readers is so much more profitable to a business than paid traffic.
(source: Semrush)

6. Using more than one affiliate network is one of the big recommendations for affiliate marketers. This way you can diversify your income portfolio. In fact, a whopping 94% of affiliates use more than one affiliate network
(source: Hosting tribunal)

7. Affiliate marketers come in all genders, ages, and countries. It’s one field that does not discriminate based on these factors. However, the 35 to 44 age bracket has the largest share of affiliates around the world.
(source: Job-2-joy)

8. Affiliates promote all sorts of things online. There is basically an affiliate program for everything. But, affiliate categories that are more popular among fellow affiliates are electronics, clothing, online services, accessories, beauty, and health-related products
(source: Hosting tribunal)

9. There are a ton of affiliate programs in the world. And one of the biggest affiliate networks, ShareASale, includes over 5000 affiliate programs for you to choose from. ShareASale is so popular that 49% of all affiliates use this company.
(source: Review42)

10. The time of the desktop computer has come and gone. Although it will hold a place in the market for the foreseeable future, mobile browsing has grown so much in the last few years. So much so that over 50% of all online traffic comes from a mobile device.
(source: 99firms)

11. One of the biggest tools of an affiliate marketer is email marketing. Email marketing has the power to bring in sales in large numbers. In fact, for every $1 spent in email marketing, you can expect a return of $42. That’s eye-opening. Even for me.
(source: Oberlo)

12. Writing content is one of the biggest tools of an affiliate. While some get the traffic from social media marketing or paid traffic. Content marketing is where it’s at. Content production in the last few years has grown by 175% and the revenue produced by content marketers has increased by 240%.
(source: Awin)

13. Affiliate marketing is not the only form of online marketing that’s available on the internet. But it produces 16% of all online orders.
(source: Awin)

14. There is no limit to the number of products you can promote as an affiliate. Some promote just one, some promote several while a smaller percentage promote over 300 different products. The numbers show that over 42% belong to the 1-10 products category. Over 23% in 11-20 products and just over 7% promote over 300 products.
(source: 99firms)

15. If you want to do any type of online business, the more you know about different types of marketing the better you will do in business. And knowing how to do affiliate marketing is one of the top skills you could have. In fact, up to 40% of online marketers think affiliate marketing is a crucial skill-set to have.
(source: Master blogging)

Did you enjoy these facts? When I was researching for this post I have to admit that some even surprised me. I hope these 15 facts about affiliate marketing gave you a quick glance at this industry. It is no doubt affiliate marketing is growing year to year and most of the big brands utilize affiliate marketing to promote their products.

Although not everyone successfully makes a full-time income from being an affiliate, there are many who earn a considerable amount of income as a side hustle. It’s up to you to decide and work towards the group you’d like to be in.

If you have any questions, please leave them below this post. I’m happy to help you out.

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