Cash4Clickz Review: Easy $500 per Day or Another Scam?

So far I know one thing about you. You either joined cash4clickz already or looking for any indication online to see if this is a legitimate way to make easy cash online. So here’s my Cash4Clickz review.

I know you want this opportunity to be true. You’ve probably been looking for a way to make some cash online. And cash4clickz looks like a well-built site, But, that’s where my compliments end.

As soon as I visited the Cash4Clickz homepage, I was greeted in big bold text that I can make $500+ a day.

Cash4Clickz Homepage

If making this much money is so easy online then there won’t be a single poor person in this world. Wouldn’t you think?

I have to say it’s not a good impression already. I mean… It’s certainly not impossible to make that kind of money or even more than the $500 a day online.

In fact, there are many people who earn more than that online.

But to make that kind of money, you need to build an online business. And be willing to learn, work, and dedicate a portion of your time to it. If you’re interested in that here’s a step-by-step program that I have been part of for more than 10 years.

Cash4Clickz Review

So what is Cash4Clickz?

Cash4Clickz claims you can make money for completing tasks. Each task has values that they claim you can “earn”. On top of that, you get a bonus of $25 just for joining!

They also claim that you can earn $2 for every person that clicks your referral link that they give you, and $10 for those who join via your referral link.

They have these so-called app installs and emailing tasks for you to complete that pays from $10 to $30.

Cash4Clickz Tasks and Rewards

These tasks that they claim you can earn money from mostly involve putting in your details like your name, address, email and other personal information to create accounts with third party companies.

You can see how dangerous this can be if this site is not legitimate.

Some tasks also involved downloading and performing actions on your mobile phone.

Anyhow, I clicked on one of the options and went ahead to see how it works.

I couldn’t actually go much further without getting a warning from my security system.

Cash4Clickz My Security Warning

Another red flag as you can see.

Will Cash4Clickz Pay You?

If you are someone who already signed up with them and spent your precious time working on the tasks and used your referral link in your social media pages then I have bad news for you…

Cash4Clickz will NOT pay you.

There are countless numbers of people scammed by Cash4Clickz. And they all say the same thing. They made an account, did the tasks but after months, still waiting for the payment to arrive in their account.

And if you ever reached out to Cash4Clickz to ask questions about the money you have earned. Then they will say some bulls**t excuse and eventually stop responding to your messages and/or block you.

Learn to Build a Real Online Business

Were They Really Founded in 2015?

I see a scam a mile away. And I had the feeling this site is not being truthful what so ever. So I wanted to do a bit more research, So I went to their about page.

The About page is where a business talks about its foundation and goals of the company. Like my about page.

Let’s have a look at Cash4Clickz’s About page.

Cash4Clickz About Page Lie

They have no information as to who owns this company. And no real back story to their company.

See how they claim they are founded in 2015… I wanted to verify that.

I went to a site called

Whois lookup is a site that we use to find information on a particular domain (domain is the address of a site starting with www.)

Here’s what that search showed:

Whois Lookup of Cash4Clickz

Well, we can see that the domain registrar is NameCheap. And we can see the registered date of Cash4Clickz is 2019-10-22.

That means Cash4Clickz was founded in 2019. Not, 2015 like they claimed in their about page.

That’s not all folks!

They Have Multiple Copycat Sites

They have multiple copycat sites… Well… I came across more than 10. So, there are probably many that I don’t know of.

Let me show you an example:

Have a look at this site called KashTree.

KashTree Scam Site

Looks familiar right? I mean the same $500 claim, they have changed from $25 bonus to $50 sign-up bonus that you will never get.

Here’s another one called CashOG

CashOG Scam Site

This one too has the $500 a day claim as well as the same $25 bonus that Cash4Clickz offered.

In Fact they have the same damn design as Cash4Clickz.

OK. Last one, for giggles at this point. This one is called InstantDollars.

InstantDollars Scam Site

All the sites I came across had the same or similar claims, shared the same looks, and more or less had the same copycat text on all of them.

All they are doing is making a bunch of these copycat sites as the older ones generate less and less traffic, as people stay clear of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if all of these sites are created by one person.

Their Testimonials Are Fake

It’s no surprise that many people fall victim to these sites. And one reason they fall victim to these scam sites is that they have these fake earnings or fake testimonials of other people earning money from them.

Cash4Clickz Fake Testimonials

I want you to have a look at the red jumper guy named Bryan S.

He claims he has earned $172,000 so far with Cash4Clickz.

I somehow doubt that…

Remember the KashTree copycat site? Good, lets see their testimonials

KashTree Fake Testimonials

That same red shirt guy, going by the alias, Darrius J, claims earning $19K+ with KashTree

And have a look at InstantDollars

InstantDollars Fake Testimonials

His name is back to Bryan S. and earns the same $172K.

If you add up all the numbers from these testimonials, this guy earns over half a million per year. And as you can guess these are just bogus claims designed to fool people to sign up to their scam.

What is The Purpose of Cash4Clickz

At this point, you’re probably wondering what is the point of all of this? What benefit do these scammers get by signing you up with them and wasting your precious time?

Do you remember their task wall? Where you had to do surveys and download or sign up for services?

Well, in order to do that you had to put in your information like your name, gender, address, email address, age, etc. They likely sell that information to third parties to make money.

You see, companies love to know more about you. Legitimate companies as well as scam companies. Because the more they know about you, the more they can target people to sell their products to you.

A legitimate company will ask for your permission and will have their privacy policies governed by industry standards. Whereas a scam company doesn’t follow any rules and certainly don’t ask for your permission.

Your information is their currency.

What I Liked About Cash4Clickz


What I Didn’t Like

Bogus claims
Fake testimonials
Same copycat sites
Lies about companies foundation
Privacy issues

It’s not a big surprise that there wasn’t anything I liked about Cash4Clickz. And there were many that I didn’t like about them.

Is Cash4Clickz A Scam?

Without a doubt, Cash4Clickz is a scam. They take advantage of people who want to earn money online. I know you want to make money online. Who doesn’t, but Cash4Clickz will not teach you anything or pay you anything.

If you are interested in making real money online, you need a legitimate course to teach you step-by-step and stop running after shiny/new/easy things.

My Verdict on Cash4Clickz

My verdict is simple. And you know it already. Stay clear of these scammers! If anyone claims you can make easy money or has huge claims where you can make money on autopilot are most likely scams.

I hope you also take away a valuable lesson here. If you already signed up with them or not. Learn from this experience to never fall victim to sites or products that have ridiculous claims for doing such little work.

And listen to your gut instinct. A good rule of thumb is, if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

How I learned to Build My Online Business – With A to Z Step by Step Guide

Just because Cash4Clickz was a scam doesn’t mean there aren’t any legitimate ways to earn $500+ per day.

In order for you to make this much money online, you have to change your mindset. Treat an online opportunity as a real business. Just like you would if you were to create a physical business. And no you don’t need any technical knowledge and you don’t need degrees. All you need is a willingness to learn something new and apply what you learn. And no better place to make a real income online than from the same company that I’m part of.

Please share this post so no one else will fall victim to this scam. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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