How to Choose a Niche For Your Blog – The Steps I Took

Choosing a niche for a blog is one of the most complicated things in the mind of a beginner to the online business space.

It doesn’t have to be.

In fact, choosing a niche for your blog should be fun and exciting. And for those who don’t know, a niche is a market or a subset of a market where you decide to start your blog, write content, and sell products.

For example: Golf gear blog

So today I’m going to walk you through how to choose a niche for your blog that is not only profitable but enjoyable for you to work on.

Choose a Direction That Interests You

Many of you make the mistake of choosing a niche that you think will make them the most money.

This is the wrong way to go about things. Especially if you have never built a successful blog before.

Creating a website based on pure profitability that you have little interest in will only make you bored out of your mind.

And guess what happens next?

You will stop working on your blog.

Think, blogging as an investment. You work on it now and it will pay off the work you do now in sometime in the future. So choose a niche that you will work on long-term.

Even if your first blog is not a success – which there is a high chance of, imagine all the new things you know to make your next blog right.

Things to remember about your niche: 

You are going to be adding content to this blog

You are going to be researching and talking to people in this niche

You will be solving problems and the fulfilling needs of people within the niche

You will be selling products related to this niche

So before you choose something that you may not be interested in, I suggest that you get a piece of paper to brainstorm some ideas or interests.

Use These Tools For Ideas


Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces where almost every niche under the sun exists. So go to the Amazon site and head to the categories section. Here you can see all sorts of categories listed. Everything from garden tools to car accessories to baby toys. You name it they got it.

Everything you see here is a potential niche

Get Ideas From TV & Magazines

Ideas/niches are actually all around us. Unique products and niches surround us in our day to day lives. The thing is since we don’t really think about it, we don’t pay attention to it and we don’t remember them.

If you have seen TV infomercials then you know how annoying they are. They go on forever and usually we just skip them. 

But, sometimes if they have a unique product that solves a problem that you have, then you might have at least paid a bit of attention. This is because you are the audience for that product, all the other products that you weren’t interested in weren’t meant for you.

Use these products and ideas you see on TV and even on magazines to help you come up with some ideas.

Why You Don’t Need to be an Expert In Your Chosen Niche

At this point you might be thinking… “Yeah, I have some ideas and interests, but I’m not expert enough to start a blog on it”

Don’t worry, I had the same feeling when I started getting into starting my first blog too.

The thing is, being an expert in your chosen niche right at this moment is very very rare.

How many bloggers that started their blog do you think knew everything they know now?

The answer is very few even these few didn’t know everything. The key here is research.

Before you talk about any topic and start writing a blog. You do the necessary research and present that new information you learned in a presentable easy to read and understand format to your audience.

You just saved their time. People appreciate that. 

Remember when you go to an electronic store to buy a TV, the salesman that sells you the TV only learned it from training he got and his own research on the subject. He likely doesn’t have every TV he talks about at work in his house.

That made me chuckle as I imagined a salesman with 20 TV’s in his house. 😀

This is where your passion and interest to learn something new comes in. If you are interested in the topic that you are working on, you will be happy to do the research and talk about it on your blog with the research you’ve done.

And, once you built trust with your audience. They will trust your content and your brand.

Why Almost Every Niche Can be Profitable – How to Narrow Down a Broad Niche

It’s true. Almost every niche can be profitable

But, I said almost… That means it is not 100%. But most of the time when a niche fails it’s because of the mistakes of the creator. 

You might say that a fitness niche for example is very competitive and hard for a newbie to make money in.

True. But it’s also true that if you narrow down the fitness niche like this then you can find a very competitive niche easier to work with.

Fitness > Women’s Fitness > How to Stay Fit and Healthy for Women over 40

See how I narrowed down a very competitive and broad niche like Fitness or Women’s Fitness into a niche that has:

  • An audience that searches for it
  • Less competitive than broad niche we first started with
  • Has enough topics within the niche to write about for years (not too narrow)

Guys, the key here is to not choose a niche that is too broad like fitness or women’s fitness. They are too huge on their own. But, also don’t make the mistake of choosing something too narrow and small that you have no topics talk about and not enough people interested in it to make it profitable.

Same with a niche like: Dogs

Dog or Pet Niche is very very competitive in itself. 

But, just like the fitness niche we can target a small portion of the niche like this.

Pets > Dogs > Border Collie > Collie House Breaking Advice and Everyday Life

As you can see, the “Pets” niche is huuuuge. It is much harder to rank in search engines for a broad niche like that. So we narrowed it down to something more workable.

Now, this is something that came to me within this minute. So I haven’t done any research on these examples. 

Speaking of researching your chosen niche, let’s learn how to do it next.

How to Research Your Chosen Niche For Profitability

Remember how I said that almost any niche can work so choose a subject that you are passionate about?

Here’s how I do some research on the niche before I commit to building a blog around it.

First I just type my niche idea into Google search and see what websites come up on the first page of Google to get an idea of the niche.

How to Choose a Niche For Your Blog - Google Search of Niche Idea

Here I can get a good idea of websites that are in this niche and what they talk about. I also see some questions that Google has shown on the first page results to get an idea of questions my audience might have.

This all looks good so now I go to Google Trends.

Again, I type my niche idea and see what the trend of this niche is like currently and over the years. So I typed in my niche idea and changed the settings above to worldwide and results from 5 years.

How to Choose a Niche For Your Blog - Google Trends Niche Idea Search

And what I initially got was no data. But, that’s not right, there’s definitely a market for women’s fitness for over 40. so I changed from my initial search term “How to Stay Fit and Healthy for Women over 40” to “Fitness for Older Women“. It is the same niche but different wording and less focused.

How to Choose a Niche For Your Blog - Google Trends Search of Fitness for Older Women

As you can see from image, we have a market for our idea.

What I’m looking for here is to see if something is a one-hit-wonder and if the idea is on a downward trajectory forever.

For Example:

Fidget spinners were so popular in the first half of 2017. Literally every kid had one. For people who don’t know fidget spinners were these little spinning toys that once flicked by the finger, it spun for ages. 

During a 4 – 5 month window, these little toys were so popular. But, if you were to start your website today in the fidget spinner niche, it won’t be going anywhere.

Here’s why:

How to Choose a Niche For Your Blog - Google Trends Search of Fidget Spinners

See how the fidget spinner niche had one big spike of few months and literally no interest over the past 5 years. This is what you want to avoid.

Then there are things that spike seasonally. Items that sell for Christmas will only sell in a 2-month-window. 

The football niche on the other hand is a longer seasonal niche. And there are many profitable websites on seasonal niches too. So don’t count them out entirely.

Get to Know Your Target Audience in Your Niche

You might have an idea about what demographic might be interested in your niche. But, we need to know for sure.

How to learn about your target audience:

  • Join forums related to your niche
  • Join Q&A websites like Quora and Reddit and hang with sections that talk about your niche
  • Join Facebook groups in your niche
  • Read Amazon customer reviews of products in your niche
  • Read niche related magazines
  • Join local clubs and groups 

All of these will teach you about your niche and what kind of audience you will be writing to and what their problems are. You will learn literally everything about your buyers here.

Learn How to Incorporate Affiliate Marketing to Monetize Your Niche

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As you all saw from this post choosing a niche for a blog really isn’t complicated. You don’t even need to be an expert. As long as you’re passionate about the niche you can learn about it and talk about it in your blog. The key is to write some ideas down, do some initial checks to see if it’s a one-hit-wonder and to narrow down a big niche to an easy, workable section that has a large enough audience and topics to write about.

That’s it!

And if you have any questions on how to choose a niche then you can leave them below. I will happily answer your questions. Also, don’t forget to share this post on your social media.

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