How to Create a Free Website to Earn Money

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a free website to earn money?


You probably already know that some websites earn a considerable living.

So today I will teach you exactly how it works and how you can create your own free website.

This site is not going to cost you anything to create. And before you wonder, it’s not complicated either. 

If this is your first time making a website, you will find out how easy it is nowadays.

Nowadays there are so many ways to create a website. I remember back 20 years ago creating a website meant learning to code in HTML and it required a lot of technical knowledge to get it right.

Now you have so many platforms like WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, and more!

For this tutorial I decided to choose the two best options that require no money to get started.

So the first option I will talk about is Weebly. They offer a free plan to create a nice looking website.

Then I talk about a site called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is my personal favorite. They offer all the tools necessary to build a website and they teach step-by-step exactly how to monetize your site.

Their free plan requires no credit card and only if you wish to dive deep and learn more about developing your website, they have a premium membership for a small fee.

Build a Free Weebly Website

Weebly is one of the few that offers a free plan. The first thing to do is to create an account at Weebly by hitting the Sign-up button.

Then I got a screen saying If I want to choose a business or a personal site. Here I chose a personal Weebly website.

The next step is to choose a theme for your website. A theme is the outer design of your website that everyone sees when they visit your website. This is basically like clothes for your body. You just have to choose what you like.

After choosing a theme you have to choose a domain name for your website. The domain name is the address of your website starting with www.

In the last screenshot below you can see the website editor of Weebly. You have a toolbar at the top and on the side. Just simply make a few changes and you will see how it looks on your website straight away.

Since everyone’s website looks different, now it is up to you to decide how you want your site to look and make the necessary changes.

Build a Free Website with Wealthy Affiliate

This is hands down the best method of creating a website to earn money from. Because If you create a website at Wealthy Affiliate, not only do they let you create a website, they teach you exactly how to monetize it to earn money from your site step-by-step.

They will teach you how to create the website, how to add pages and content to it, how to do SEO, and how to build an online brand that will earn you money.

So, lets get started.

First go to create a free account with Wealthy Affiliate.

With this free account, you get access to creating a free website as well as 10 lessons on how making money from a website concept works.

To create your website. Hit the Websites tab at the top and select Site Builder

Then choose on a Free Domain and just like the Weebly method, put down your URL for your website.

They also ask you to choose a name for your website, don’t think too much about this as you can change it later if you change your mind.

Lastly, choose a theme/a look that you like for your site and voila! You have created a brand new website!

To Login to your site, while on Wealthy Affiliate, hit Websites > Site Manager

How to Earn Money From Your Website

So, can you actually make real money from this free site?

Absolutely. For this, I need you to create a free account with Wealthy Affiliate. This is the exact place where I learned to create my first website. And being an active member there for over 10 years now I wouldn’t still recommend them if they weren’t legit.

What you are going to be learning is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simple. You write a blog post and have affiliate links that point to other people’s products and when your reader clicks the link on your website and purchases the product – you get a commission.

These commissions can range from 3% to 75% of the product value for things like digital products.

Once you have traffic flowing to your site you will also learn how to incorporate ads into your site.

So make your free account with Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to monetize your site.


Creating a website with today’s technology is honestly the easiest part of a successful website. Although you will be limited to a subdomain that has or with either of these options.

But, in my eyes, Wealthy Affiliate is the clear winner out of the two as you get all the necessary help you need and a community that will answer your questions in your quest to earn money from your site. And with Wealthy Affiliate, you can easily upgrade your subdomain to a premium domain when you upgrade from their free membership tier.

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