How to Find Dropshipping Products on AliExpress

Dropshipping is one of the methods of building an online business with very little upfront investment.

If you don’t know what dropshipping is, here’s a quick overview:

You create an online store with products and when customers come and place orders on your store, you place that same order with your customer’s details with a third-party supplier who ships the product to the customer. 

Simple as that.

You don’t have to buy inventory upfront and shipment is also handled by your supplier.

So dropshipping is an awesome way to get started with eCommerce.

And there are so many suppliers and companies to choose from when drop shipping, but in this post, I will teach you how to dropship products on Aliexpress. One of the most popular retail giants right now.

Why Choose Aliexpress to Find Dropshipping Products?

Aliexpress is a Chinese online retail service. They have a massive collection of products in almost any category. 

Similar to Amazon, but with much cheaper pricing. Even some of the products you see selling in Amazon and eBay are ordered in bulk from Aliexpress or Alibaba groups and sold on these platforms. 

Because of this pricing and having many sellers willing to ship worldwide with cheap shipping, Aliexpress is the place where many new drop-shippers get started. Including me.

How Much Money You Need to Get Started with Aliexpress Dropshipping

How much money you need to get started with Aliexpress dropshipping is a hard question to answer. Because for each person it’s a different amount. 

The key to remember is that most of your money as a drop shipper goes towards advertising on Facebook or Google than the product.

And you will need to test many products before you find a winning product that will make up for all the non-selling products you tested.

As a guide, you should start with $500 to $1500 in hand so you have enough to test many products and find a winner that makes up for your ad spending.

It is even possible to not spend a cent on paid ads and get entirely organic traffic (free traffic) to your site. So don’t put your dropshipping store dream to the bin just yet. But, that’s a whole nother topic.

How to Find Dropshipping Products on Aliexpress

When you are searching for products to dropship, it is best to know the niches that do well in general. So go to Aliexpress and look for these categories.

Here are some good niches:

  • Home and kitchen
  • Outdoors
  • Sports
  • Pet accessories and appliances

Once you’ve clicked on one of these categories you will see a ton of products. I then sort these into either Ordered or Newest

They both have advantages.

Most Ordered gives you all the products that are the best selling and usually, the sellers selling them are good too. Because you can run into some bad sellers that take an eternity to ship the products.

Sorting by the newest gives me the advantage of seeking products that are new to the market. But for a newbie who doesn’t know what to look for – I don’t recommend sorting by newest.

See the diagram above. This is the best way to pick a product from Aliexpress to sell in your store. Before you choose a product to test in your store, you want that item to be at least one of the three things above.

An item that sells well in Amazon or other marketplaces


A problem solving item like an item that corrects someones posture


A product that has a passionate audience like this fishing gear bag

A cool way to verify if the product you’ve chosen on Aliexpress is a good product to test or not is by looking for that product on Amazon and checking if that product sells on Amazon.

The way I do this is by using a tool called Jungle Scout Estimator.

The way it works is, once you’ve found the product on Amazon you scroll down until you find the Best Sellers Rank under Product Details.

You enter that number to Jungle Scout Estimator and enter the Amazon Marketplace and Category of the product and voila! you have an estimation on how many sales that product gets a month.

If the product gets like under 100 sales, thats pretty low and I probably wouldn’t test that product. Unless it’s a new product and you are a experienced dropshipper.

Can You Dropship any item on Aliexpress?

You can choose any item from Aliexpress to dropship on your website. But the question is should you?

That’s a no.

Remember that Aliexpress is a retail service with many sellers/suppliers. Not everyone that sells products there is legitimate. I have sometimes bought products that either never got delivered or took over 2 months to arrive. So, you have to pick a seller with some orders with good feedback to give you the best chance of avoiding these issues.

Even then you have to see the delivery times for the products they sell with the shipping options they list to see if your customer will get the item they purchased within a reasonable time frame.

What Not to Sell From Aliexpress

If you’re someone new then don’t test products that fit a broad audience.

For Example: A watch

Something like a watch is hard to target and everyone is a potential buyer. When choosing products to sell, think of who you are going to target to sell the product. And if you can’t immediately come up with an audience that you can target, don’t test it.

High-Risk Products

Don’t test products that can end in dangerous situations. Remember, you are a drop shipper, not the manufacturer. You don’t know how rigorous the quality control standards are in the factory that made them.

So I would avoid selling things like:

  • Medical products
  • Ingestible products
  • Anything that you can foresee a liability like a harness for climbing

Trademarked Products

This one is simple. Anything that is trademarked or copyrighted is not for you to sell so don’t even try to sell anything that is trademarked.

You will only get into trouble later even if you get away with it at the beginning.

Electronics & Clothing

Electronic products have a high refund rate. So, unless you are sure that the product is of high quality I don’t generally test them on my site.

If you do decide to test them from Aliexpress, make sure they come with a box and an instruction manual. As I found out some are in just normal plastic packaging with no instructions on how to use the item. No wonder they have a high refund rate.

Clothing too has a high refund rate due to sizing problems as you can imagine. I’ve noticed that different sellers have vastly different size variations too so it’s not a good idea to sell clothing from Aliexpress. Use a custom print shop instead.


Aliexpress dropshipping is still a hot method of dropshipping. It came into popularity around 2015 and it still is one of the major methods of dropshipping in 2021. Just remember when you pick products to test on your dropshipping website to choose products that tick one of the corners of the triangle I shared with you.

Be extra careful with choosing the supplier as picking the wrong supplier who doesn’t ship the product or take an eternity to arrive at your customer is a big no-no. And make sure you don’t pick products that are trademarked or of high-risk as you are only putting you and your store at potential legal troubles.

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