How to Make Money From a Laptop: 7 Methods That Work in 2021

I’m writing this post at a time when people are losing their jobs due to a pandemic. It’s definitely not easy to make money these days. Especially at times like these… But there are certain groups of people who are not directly affected by pandemics, recessions that the majority of people would be affected by.

One of those groups are called Digital nomads.

Yes, that’s a name used to call people who work solely from a laptop. They don’t have offices, they are not locked to a country for work.

For all, you know these people are setting up their laptops in front of a beach tapping away at their laptop keyboard while drinking a pina colada.

You’d be surprised how true that statement is.

And to be one of them, you don’t need anything special. All you need is a laptop, and an internet connection and a willingness to build something great.

Are you willing to do that?

If so, here I have listed 7 different ways on how to make money from a laptop.

1. Selling Your Skills

Ok, Don’t worry if you don’t have a special skill, because, my last method, will show you a way that any ordinary person like you and I can use to earn an income online.

But, if you have a skill that you can market then awesome! It’s something you can use to start earning money straight away.

What kind of skills am I talking about?

For example web design, graphics design, copywriting, editing and proofreading content, translating, chat support, accounting software support, and much more.

These type of work can be found on freelance work sites like

They have many categories to choose from and you can post a job that describes your skillset.

If you are into writing and is good at writing articles then I also recommend and

2. Selling Your Crafts

This is definitely a good way to earn a living online for someone who is good at making things. So if you are good at art, photography, or handmade jewelry or other items there are 3 ways you can go with this.

And if you are someone that knows how to create beautiful, handmade jewelry, then you should read my recent post on it.

Read: How to Sell Homemade Jewelry Online

Now, you have 3 options with this method. I mean there are more but, I personally would only consider these three as they are likely to build you a long-term online business.


Etsy is a unique marketplace targeted solely for handmade crafts. That means people who come to visit Etsy are there to buy. An Etsy store is also easier to set-up and they have built-in tools to help you get the best results possible. That includes things like step-by-step guides and walkthroughs.

There are some cons to using Etsy also. Since it was launched in 2005, it has all kinds of crafts for sale already. So the market can be saturated. Still, if your product is unique, it will always do well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are fees involved for using their platform And at the time of writing, there are listing fees as well as transaction fees.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade originally launched in 2015, is a newer addition to target the crafts section. Of course, the brand Amazon was launched way way back in the 1990s and there clearly aren’t any competitors to the platform. And similar to Etsy, there is hardly any set-up work required to get going.

Choosing to go with Amazon handmade to sell crafts is not in any way a bad decision. Amazon boasts a unique monthly visitor count of more than 200 million people worldwide, that’s a lot of prospective customers to show your store to. At the time of writing Amazon Handmade doesn’t charge a listing fee. But they do have a 15% referral fee associated with each sale.

As good as Amazon’s brand is, using its platform to market your products means you have to adhere to their fees, terms, and conditions and restricted control of your crafts business.

That takes me to my favorite way to set up your crafts store.

Your Own Site

Hands Down the best way to set-up an online store is on your own “online real estate”. That means your own website, that you have 100% control over. This also gives you more profit from your store, since you are not paying any listing and transaction fees to a third party.

By creating your own site, you are not bound by any terms and conditions as well and so it truly is the best way to build your online business.

And if you’re thinking it’s hard to create a website. I promise you it’s not. Nowadays, it only takes a few clicks from your mouse to create a site.

Setting up your own site means you have to find traffic to your site yourself, which is the biggest hurdle for many people that have their own website.

So choosing to build your own website means you have some learning to do. But it can be done by anyone. You don’t need a degree for this stuff. And it is only slightly difficult at the very beginning. Once you set everything up, it’s just like using a platform like Etsy or Amazon Handmade.

To help you with this, I recommend joining a program that teaches you everything in a step-by-step format on how to set-up and drive traffic to a website.

3. Doing Surveys

Here’s a cool way that you can make some easy cash. It’s on a site called Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a site that rewards you for certain actions.

Things like:

Completing surveys
Watching videos
Downloading apps on your phone
Signing up to services
Making Swagbucks your default search engine. (powered by Yahoo by the way)

You can’t make a lot of money on these kinds of sites and it’s not a long term online business model I recommend. You are basically getting cents for the majority of actions you complete.

One thing for sure, those little cents and dollars you make quickly adds up to $40 – $50 overtime. And you can use that money to fund your bigger online money adventure.

Here’s three more sites you can use to earn money from completing surveys:

Pinecone Research

4. Sell Goods Online That You Bought For Cheaper

This is a method I first saw on a YouTube video. This girl on the video bought clothes, purses, handbags from her local thrift shops for cheap and sold it for a profit online.

Some of the items that sell well are:

Clothing (especially branded clothing)
Clothing with tags
Video games

Hot Tip: Richer neighborhood thrift shops are likely to carry better items.

Lastly, don’t just limit this just to thrift shops. Anything that you know can sell for a profit is a good item to get and do this with.

5. Create a Fiverr Gig

This list wouldn’t be a good list if I didn’t include Fiverr to the mix as well.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is basically an online marketplace where you can market your freelance services.

Anything from:

Logo Creation
Content Creation
Art & illustration
Photo & Video editing
SEO help
And much more…

I mean you can even find people selling services like singing any song you want, to delivering video messages wearing funny costumes. Yeah, it gets pretty crazy online lol.

6. Create a YouTube Channel

Video in 2021 and beyond is the next king of online traffic.

If you have been on this earth for 20+ years, you know how much the internet has grown. Online video is one of them. There was a time when websites and text along ruled the internet. That was due to bandwidth and technology limitations. I still remember the day where you only had 200mb data for my prepaid mobile plan.

Here’s an interesting stat: People in 2021 will spend 100 minutes each day watching videos.

Today, anyone with just a smartphone camera can create a profitable YouTube channel. And all that stands in your way of success is just a unique idea.

Something that no one is doing or something that you will do better than everyone else that’s doing it.

Also if you know a second language, I think that’s an opportunity for you to create a channel in that language.

7. Create a Blog

This is my favorite. Purely because this can be done by literally anyone. If creating a YouTube channel wasn’t for you because you didn’t want to show your face or talk on camera.

I get it. I was in the same boat as you. I recommend creating your own website and promoting products and services.

Now if you’re thinking you don’t have a product or a service to sell, don’t worry, I’ll get to that.

Blogging or creating a website and writing content isn’t anything new. People from all over the world have been doing it pretty much since the start of the internet. And you can do it too using just your laptop or PC.

So what qualifications do you need?

Web design?
English degree?
Some complicated courses?

Nope, none of these. Creating a website and driving traffic to it is something that anyone can learn and do. And creating a website takes only a few minutes as I mentioned earlier.

Read: How I Created My Online Business.

So you have a website, what now?

You choose a niche or a passion that you have.
You learn about it and write about it
You add products within that niche or passion you chose and $$.

You’re probably wondering what products I’m talking about here…

I’m talking about the products of other companies. Say, you created a website about hockey gear, because you love hockey. All you have to do is join a company that sells hockey gear that also has something called an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs allow you to earn money by promoting other people’s products. This is the best method to make money from your laptop or PC.

Being an affiliate means you don’t have to keep inventory or have any shipping, customer support costs! They are all done by the company you are affiliated with. All you’re doing is driving traffic to products and getting a commission for purchases.

If you want to learn more about this, I have reviewed the company that I learned affiliate marketing at. It’s also one of the few companies that will teach you step-by-step on how to do everything.

There you have it. 7 methods where you can build an online business to make money from your PC or Laptop. Every method I mentioned here, except for doing surveys, can build you a full-time long-term online business.

I didn’t say it was easy as 1 2 3. But, if you’re dedicated, you’ll create something to be proud of.

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