How to Sell Homemade Jewelry Online: Everything You Need to Know

So you are a crafts kind of gal or guy. You are creative, have a passion for making things that make everyone beautiful and you are all good with the making but have no idea how to get the customers or how to sell homemade jewelry online. Let me help you with that last part.

First of all, I am jealous…

I’m not a good craftsperson, but I know a thing or two about selling online, building a brand, driving traffic to products, and managing an online business.

Basically the parts that you need help with 🙂 So let’s get started!

Why Should You Sell Homemade Jewelry Online?

The type of selling you choose to go with depends on your lifestyle. If you like interacting with people and setting up in markets or selling with your own brick and mortar store then it is definitely a viable option.

But, as you know, with the rise of the internet and more people using online shopping than ever before, there is way more reach with an online brand than you could ever have with a physical store.

There are quite a few directions you can go with this. Jewelry isn’t a small market and there is an especially high demand for handmade jewelry than ever before. Heck, there are sites dedicated just for handmade crafts!

So you are definitely in a profitable niche to begin with!

So I’ve put together the best paths you can take here to market your handmade jewelry.

Best Ways to Sell Homemade Jewelry Online

Your Own Store

Hands down the best way to build your homemade jewelry business is to create your own website dedicated to your brand. If you want a long-term sustainable online business, this is the path I recommend you take.

Creating your own store has many positives that outweigh all the cons.

Here’s Why it’s Better to Set up Your Own Website:

You have no fees to pay to some platform like Etsy, eBay etc..

You are not bound by some terms and conditions that change regularly

You are in no danger of getting all you worked hard to built get taken away because you broke some rule

Best of all you own everything, which gives you 100% control of your brand.

There are 2 paths you can take your website to market your homemade jewelry brand.

And that is free and paid traffic.

You can start with free traffic and go with some paid traffic to your site later on. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Ways to Market Your Homemade Jewelry Store For Free

Blog on your website and link to your products within the blog. <– juicy free traffic.

Make a channel on YouTube and make videos about teaching people how to start creating their own jewelry or something along those lines and link your website for them to see your awesome crafts.

Leverage social media and build a following for your brand.

OK, What Are Your Paid Traffic Options?

Google shopping is one of them. You can leverage Google’s massive reach to feature your crafts. There are a ton of people who use google shopping to market their handmade crafts already, so you’ll need to learn a few tricks to stay on top of your game. At the beginning start with a small budget and see how you go. If it doesn’t work, scrap it.

Using Facebook ads is very popular at the moment. In 2020 the number of users on Facebook is 1.69 billion! [Source]. Out of that number, you can imagine how many people would love to buy your homemade jewelry. Again start with a small budget, experiment, and see how it works for you.

If right now you’re thinking you don’t know all the technical stuff to create a website?

Who said creating your own website is hard? It is so easy to do that it literally takes only a few minutes nowadays.

Look, is there going to be some learning to do? Yes

Can you do it? Definitely! Anyone can with the current technology can make a site. It is so easy, literally a few clicks and voila…

So where do I recommend that you start building out your homemade jewelry Store?

1. Shopify

Shopify Pricing

Shopify is an E-commerce platform for creating online stores. Founded in 2004, by three Canadians. The Shopify platform is used by millions of people worldwide. And it’s market share has and continues to grow.

Shopify has many things going for it. the ease of use, excellent customer service, their large Shopify expert panel, awesome design templates to name a few.

Using Shopify is the same as creating your own website, except they make it so easy for anyone to do it.

Although you will probably need someone or some training to get everything looking perfect. They do have a monthly cost with their plans, but it is worth the investment. Currently, they are the only platform I recommend other than the WordPress Platform.

2. Etsy

Etsy Homepage

Etsy is marketed towards people who make handmade crafts. Hardly any setup necessary, pretty much ready to go, and very user friendly. A huge plus for Etsy is people who go there are ready to buy. The Etsy brand is popular and is trusted so if you can get your listings in front of people, you can make some good money with Etsy.

However, because of its popularity, it can be tough to get going when you first start. You’ll also have to keep up with their changes as you use “their” platform, which can be frustratingly too often.

Again you’ll have to put some work into your store just like having your own website, which I will talk a bit more about later in this article.

3. Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade Homepage

Started in 2015, Amazon handmade is relatively new to this space.

Amazon has an ever-growing customer base. And just like Etsy, it is one of the top brands in the online shopping space.

Of course, Etsy can’t compete with the sheer amount of visitors Amazon as a whole gets. That is mostly due to Amazon being a multi-category site.

Because of its sheer popularity and trust, Amazon is where people go to price check products. It’s customers spend more money than any other platform that is similar.

Lots of positives for Amazon Handmade. That comes with being the biggest. So is it all roses?


With Amazon, you are sharing the space with a lot of competitive sellers in your niche. You have to be unique with your products and you have to learn how to SEO properly as well, which isn’t hard, to be honest, but, it is something you have to learn if you are running your own store as well.

But for me personally, I’d rather use my SEO skills to my own website than use it on a platform where the customer base is not mine. And of course, they have fees for using their platform.

4. eBay

eBay Homepage

eBay is a well unknown marketplace for people all around the world. Chances are you have purchased a thing or two from eBay yourself.

They have a bidding process as well as a buy now option, which you can utilize to gauge the market for your products.

All said you might have some problems with some customers buying and not paying up. I know it has happened to a few sellers who sell there regularly.

Their fees are also high so you’ll have to market your jewelry a little higher to cover those fees. But, is it worth it to set-up shop on eBay? Well, it’s not my first choice. I guess you won’t know if it’s for you till you try.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Like eBay, the Facebook marketplace is an online marketplace where you can directly interact with the people you are dealing with, being it a social media platform. It is also easier to browse products on their site and probably easier to sell. Don’t expect features from the above platforms though.

6. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Homepage

This article, as helpful as it is, it’s not going to teach you A to Z of building a website. So I know just the place where they give you hosting for your site, teach you how to build your site step-by-step, and also teach you in more detail on how to build traffic to your new homemade jewelry store.

This place is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is where I learned all the marketing stuff I wrote in this article.

Wealthy Affiliate specializes in teaching people internet marketing. They mainly teach affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products for a commission). But since you most likely here to sell your own crafts, it is the same thing. Instead of promoting other people’s products, you are just substituting it for your own items.

Why Do I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to Start Your Homemade Jewelry Store?

Because to run your own website you need a set of skills. These skills are not difficult to learn. Like I said before, you can get hang of it quickly. It only took me a few days to learn the basics.

So What are those skills that you need?

  • Creating a website
  • Learning how to set up pages, menus, etc on your website
  • Learning how to blog and drive traffic to your site
  • Learning how to build a social media following
  • And if you want… learning how to do paid advertising for your site.

You can create a free account with them right now and see if it’s worth it for you. No credit card necessary.

9 Must-Know Tips for successfully Selling Handmade Items Online

  • Have a variety of styles as not everyone’s taste in jewelry is the same. The Best way to do this is to keep on top of current trends. As well as having different styles you should have different price ranges as well.
  • Have beautiful photography. The trick here is to get bright lighting and white background or similar. Have your first image a close-up shot so that people see straight away what it is.
  • Have at least 3 to 5 images for each jewelry piece.
  • Have well-written product descriptions – Be informative. Describe what the item is made of. For example gold, silver, length and size of the item
  • You can go to amazon and see their best sellers at the handmade jewelry section to keep on top of current best sellers.
  • Another site to do your research on is Aliexpress (something like Amazon, but products are mainly from China). A lot of people utilize Aliexpress to do dropshipping. So If you can craft some fine jewelry, you’ll do much better and keep a larger profit than the drop-shippers who sell from Aliexpress
  • Don’t forget your community sales. You can always give out some jewelry to your friends for free, it always helps when people see something they like and your friends will definitely get your name out there.
  • Build a following on social media platforms. I recommend Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Hang in there as it does take time to build up an audience, regardless of which direction you took to build your online homemade jewelry business.

How to Sell Homemade Jewelry Locally

Well, I was contemplating if I should include this topic on a post that is dedicated to selling online.

Heck, here they are!

Pop-up Shops

See if your local art galleries, community centers, coffee shops allow you to have a pop-up shop. This is a good way to test whichproducts are popular.

Fairs and Markets

Also, a good place if you want your own local store. You can apply to your local markets and see if that’s an option for you.

If you’re going to do pop-up shops, craft fairs, markets, it’s best to have the neck stands to display your best jewelry. Because you want the people to see how it looks when it’s worn on a neck rather than laying it flat on a table.

The ones that you lay on the table will pop out more if you use a black background. So lay a black cloth or something similar on the table beforehand.

What Is The Best Method to Sell Homemade Jewelry Online?

The best way, when it comes to setting up your own homemade jewelry store is through your own website.

Why? Less headaches in the long-run

You are not paying commission for using some company’s platform and it’s customers.

You own 100% of your business

Throughout this article, you probably got the feeling that I’m not a fan of using third-party platforms to set up your store.

That’s because I’m not.

I like owning my content and doing things the way I want things done without being restricted by some company policy that changes regularly. Having a brand that I can totally control and the feeling you get when your site is a well-known brand within that space is a feeling that you will never get by using a third-party platform.

Well, that’s it from me today folks, it’s been a pleasure. I encourage everyone to leave a comment below if you found this article helpful, and share this with someone who you think might find it useful too!

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