How to Write a Product Review: 4 CIAO Principles You Must Know

Online product reviews are a huge part of the income for a website. The vast majority of reviewers are part of affiliate marketing. So if you are running a website and have not incorporated product reviews as one of your income streams then you are missing out big time. In this article, I’m going to spill the beans on 4 killer principles on how to write a product review.

A lot of people nowadays aren’t buying anything online without at least a basic search to see what people think about the product. Writing a good, honest informative product review isn’t difficult once you’ve read this post.

What is a Product Review

A product review is a review centered around a product. It’s main purpose is to tell the consumer of the positives and negatives of a product and who the product is designed for. The question you are ultimately answering for the consumer is: Is it worth buying that product.

It is best to write a product review as an independent reviewer. If you are hired by a company to write the review for them, you probably will be biased towards that company.

My advice here is to promote products as an affiliate on your own website. That way you get to choose products you want to review and you can say as you see it. Rather than being influenced in your overall verdict.

Why Product Reviews Are Important For a Blogger

People who are looking for product reviews are consumers who are at the end of their purchase cycle. This is why reviews should be an integral part of your online business.

Consumer Purchase Cycle

As you can see above, this is the purchase cycle a visitor goes through before buying a product or service. A review comes in at the end of this cycle. This is why a well-written product review will be a major revenue source for your business.

Here’s more reasons why reviews play a key role in your online business…

  • 86% of people read online reviews [Source]
  • You will build authority online
  • You will be trusted by the consumers (if you are honest in your reviews)
  • A lot of your revenue will come from product reviews

The 4 CIAO Principles You Must Include in Every Review You Write

This is the juicy Information you need to know when writing reviews. These 4 principles must be incorporated in every single review you write. I always check to see if I ticked all 4 boxes of these principles whenever I write a review.

Principle #1: Captivating

Reviews you write on your blog needs to captivate the interest and attention of your visitors. It is important to do this because you want them to stay on your page as long as possible. Half the battle is getting someone to visit your website. If you are writing hard to read sentences or not keeping their attention on your words enough they will simply click away and move on to the next website that answers their questions.

So, when you write, you should write as if you are writing to a member of your family. Write as you would explain this to someone standing in front of you. Think, how would you tell your friends about it. This is hands down the best way to write and you will connect with more people with this writing style.

And make sure what you are writing can be understood by anyone. You don’t want to write anything complicated. If a kid can understand what you are saying then you are doing a good job.

A captivating review must include an enticing title and subheadings. You should also write your review for someone that will skim read your post. So strong subheadings is a must. This way the reader knows what each subheading will talk about before you talk about it.

Principle #2: Informative

When writing a review, you can’t just half-arse it and call it a quality, informative review. Every review you write need to be comprehensive. It needs to give your visitor enough information from just your review to make a purchasing decision.

If you don’t do this, you are going to lose traffic and that leads to loss of revenue. So when you are writing your reviews make sure you cover all bases. Make sure you give a good overview, tell what’s good about the product, what areas they are lacking, and why they should buy it or not buy it.

To do this you should at least target 1500 words or at the very minimum 1000 words. I’m not a fan of targeting word counts, I believe a review should be as long as it needs to be to get your point across but if you are new to writing reviews then it is a good number to keep in mind so you don’t end up writing 600-word reviews.

I personally write down my subheadings beforehand and fill in each section with as much information as I can. I find that easier and I rocket past the 1000 word count.

So the key here is to cover all bases and be comprehensive in your review. Give enough information so that your visitors don’t have to research elsewhere.

Principle #3: Accurate

It is very important to keep your product reviews accurate. If you provide false information you will lose all credibility. This will hurt your pocket and your brand. If you want to build a long successful career as an entrepreneur you have to keep everything you write as accurate as possible.

Facts are key here. And if you are providing any statistics it’s best to show the source where you got it from. This way the reader can see you didn’t come up with it on the spot.

Your product reviews will require a lot of thorough research. And if you’re new to writing product reviews, you can do this all online.

Product website – this is a good starting point. Where else you can get good hard accurate information on a product than it’s own official product page.

Forums – This is also a good place to get user information like pros and cons. A lot of people write their experiences with the product on sites like Reddit, Quora, and other forums related to the product.

YouTube – This is also a good place to research for your review. You will probably find the manufacturer videos as well as other user reviews here.

Google search – The internet is really powerful. If you want to find something I’m sure it is somewhere on the net. You can see what other bloggers say about a product or service, what they didn’t touch on that you probably should. Remember this is just research. You want to differentiate yourself from others. So don’t copy anyone. Of course, you will probably have similar views as another blogger and that’s perfectly fine.

Principle #4: Opinionated

Remember the last time you read a product review? It is to get their view on the product before you bought it, wasn’t it? So when you write your reviews you should include your opinion of it at the end.

Your verdict matters a lot when it comes to reviews. Once you have built up a following they only consider your opinion to buy or not. To get to that point you have to be honest and be unbiased in your product reviews. To recommend a product you have to believe in the product. Say why it works and why someone else should buy it.

Equally, if your review is a negative one, say why it’s a negative one and why they shouldn’t buy it. Remember your opinion should always be based on facts. This way you will build a long-lasting brand and that people will trust.


Product reviews are an essential part of a blogger. If you nail this part of your blog, then you will go a long way to creating a profitable business through your blog. Remember your 4 CIAO principles when writing your reviews. This was the first lesson I got when learning how to write reviews and I still follow it to this day.

Writing reviews is an art. It might seem difficult at first but you will get the hang of it quickly. I remember my first review took a few days to complete and it was only 1500 words. But the more you do it, the more you’ll get used to it. And one day you will have the formula down packed.

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