What is Organic Traffic to a Website

If I had to pick one form of traffic to a website that I could have, it would be organic traffic. 

So in this post, I’m going to explain what is organic traffic to a website and why it’s important.

Building a website is the easy part nowadays. But to build a profitable website that people actually visit requires some know-how.

Don’t get me wrong – organic traffic isn’t the only way to get people to visit your website. But, it is by far the most rewarding and profitable. 

And it’s free.

Some people will tell you it’s easy to do. And I agree. It is not rocket science. So yeah, anyone can learn about organic traffic to better their website but to reap the rewards of organic traffic requires work and patience.

What is Organic Traffic to a Website?

Organic traffic is the method of getting visitors to a website via ranking for keywords people search for in search engines.

For example: Let’s say you did a search for: “How to make a bunny hop on a mountain bike” 

The results you see on a search engine like Google are both paid and organic results mixed in together. Usually the paid search results appear on the very top and bottom of the page. 

You identify the paid results by the “Ad” or the “Sponsored” tag. The rest are generally organic search results. So any person who clicks and goes to an organic search result (webpage) is organic traffic.

What are Other Sources of Traffic to a Website

Organic traffic relies mainly on Google and other search engines. As good as organic traffic is, it isn’t the only form of traffic a website can get.

Difference Between Direct and Organic Traffic

We talked about what organic traffic is. So what is direct traffic?

Direct traffic is the traffic that directly goes to a site via the URL link of the website.

For example: www.yourwebsite.com

Anyone using a direct link to your website is known as direct traffic. And the source of origin is unknown as you don’t know how they got your URL.

So what are the other forms of traffic that a website can get?

I’m not going to add every single method of website traffic but, I’ve included the most popular ones.


Referral traffic is when a third-party promotes or mentions your website in a video, blog, or anywhere else. Traffic that occurs from these sources are called referrals.


I know you have been to websites and a pop-up pops up asking for your email usually in return for something or being able to get alerts to when they write content. Any traffic that originates from these emails that you receive in your email inbox is called email traffic.


Social media traffic is also a major source of traffic. You may have noticed that most companies that you use have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and promote on Instagram. These companies know the power of social media and any traffic that originates from these social media posts and content is social traffic.


We briefly touched on paid traffic earlier. And as the name says, the traffic that comes from paid advertisements are called paid traffic. The major sources of paid traffic are from search engines and social media sites like Facebook. 

Why Organic Traffic is Important to a Website

If your website is ranking on the first page of search engines for multiple keywords then you are going to be getting a lot of traffic. An article you wrote on a topic a few months or even years ago could still rank high and bring you customers and traffic to your website.

Since not everyone has a budget to pay for paid ads, It can cost a lot of money to run them consistently. And if they are not profitable – you are going to lose money. If you hire an agency to run them for you, then the costs usually run into $1000’s.

This is why organic traffic is king. They rank based on the quality of your content on your website.

How to Increase Organic Traffic

When I think of organic traffic, I think of running a blog. Even if your website is an eCommerce site with just products, you could still run a successful blog that brings organic traffic to your site. 

Here, I have laid out some steps that you can take to increase your organic traffic numbers regardless of the type of website you have.

Do Proper Keyword Research

Just as a quick summary, keyword research tells you what keywords people are looking for within your niche. So that when you write an article/post, you know that people are searching for that keyword phrase in search engines.

Hopefully, you know what I’m talking about here. If not or you want to learn more in detail on how to do it properly, I recommend reading my post on how to do keyword research.

Write Quality Content

When you are writing content for your website. One thing you should always keep in mind is quality

Always put your reader’s shoes on and think: “If it was you reading this article, would you have found it helpful?”

Don’t write for the sake of filling up your website or for the search engines. Search engines like Google only rank quality content. And they can judge if the people that visit your site found your content helpful or not by different metrics.

Write Regularly

There is no rule on how many times per week or month you need to write content. Although writing an article once a month on your website is not a good way to tell Google that you are a good source of up to date information. Not to mention it would take years to build a good collection of useful topics.

I recommend posting a new post at least 2 to 3 times per week. Of course, if you can write more, that would just speed up everything but, 2 or 3 times is a good achievable number for most people as it’s just a weekend’s worth of work.

Increase Your Website Presence Online

One way to increase your website presence is by running social media pages and building up a following to your social business pages. 

These pages can then give you organic social traffic and let Google see that you have a presence on the internet outside of your website.

You could also think of creating a YouTube channel that compliment your website to drive traffic and to possibly create a second source of income.

SEO Your Post Properly

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO means that you optimize your website and each post you write in a way that people and search engines find helpful.

These are fairly simple tasks but many don’t do this part properly. These include a proper headline and adding relevant images, adding internal and external links, optimizing your post for engagement, etc.

You can learn all about it in detail right here:

How to Optimize a Blog Post For SEO

Learn How to Earn Money From Your Website

Organic traffic is only one cog of a whole system. If you want to dive in and learn the ins and outs of running a successful website then you need a place that provides all the tools you need to learn and build your website. 

This is the place where I learned what organic traffic is and taught me all the advanced tips and tricks on how to create a proper website and how to monetize it. 

I’m an active member of this community and you can join me there for free

And lastly, let me know in the comments if I answered your questions in this post. If you have anything to ask me, please feel free to leave them below as well.

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